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Scope of service of construction management

  • Planning : The project shall be provided with an ERP site which is an online server based system, where the user schedule tasks and update it on a regular basis which will ensure that the project is completed within the required time frame.
  • Quality control : Quality control forms will be used for all activities, especially concrete and steel to ensure quality of work.
  • Bar bending schedule : BBS will be provided for steel reinforcement which will provide quality of work and ensure that it is in accordance with the design provided
  • Optimization of steel bars : Optimax software will be used to optimise bar cutting pattern whereby wastage during cutting can be reduced to about 1% from 5%. For more info visit: Click here
  • Bill Checking : Estimax can again be used for bill checking, after completion of work by simply scanning the completed area of work and getting the results immediately.
  • Estimation : Estimax software can be used to quickly estimate the whole project by simply scanning the plan. For more info visit: Click here
  • ERP implementation : This consists of combining all engineering data with time and costing dimensions and keeping the entire data for multi projects in cloud based information format where people can access and work together in real time without geographical limitations... For more info visit: Click here
  • download  Sample ERP document


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